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At Cannonball pools we install Above ground and Inground pools. We do everything we can to make your backyard dreams come true. We have the expertise to build any style pool and would be happy to work with you to decide exactly what you are looking for in your back yard. Call today to find out more information about what we can do for you.

Above Ground Pool Styles

We offer many different styles anywhere from 15’ to 33’ round, different size ovals, even a salt certified above ground pool. Our most popular pool is the Mission style pool from Celebration Above ground pools.

Pool Services

Mission Above Ground Pools PDF

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  • 8-inch injected resin top ledge
  • 6-inch fully supportive steel uprights
  • Bottom wall channel made of resin
  • Computer-designed wall joint ensures better resistance to water pressure
  • Oversized bolts augment stability
  • Zincguard™ 275 hot-dipped galvanized
  • Polyenamel™ Kote
  • Resin-Shield™
  • Synpro™
  • Duoguard™
  • Pre-finished pool components
  • Protective Finishes

Available Sizes:

Round Pool Gallons Oval Gallons
12-foot 3,568 12-foot by 23-foot 7,298
15-foot 5,310 15-foot by 26-foot 10,313
18-foot 7,646 15-foot by 30-foot 12,060
21-foot 10,407 18-foot by 33-foot 15,919
24-foot 13,593 *We do not install Ovals*
27-foot 17,204 *We do sell Ovals*
30-foot 22,302

New Inground Construction

Our dedicated team will collaborate closely with you to craft a personalized retreat that mirrors your backyard dreams and elevates your outdoor living experience. From the initial concept to the finishing touches, we’re committed to realizing your vision with unrivaled precision and care.

Our commitment to your pool enjoyment doesn’t end with design and construction. At Cannonball Pools, we’re your trusted partners for all aspects of pool ownership, including seamless openings, meticulous closings, and comprehensive maintenance. Our skilled technicians will ensure that your pool is ready for enjoyment at the start of the season and properly winterized when the temperatures drop. Plus, our regular maintenance services will keep your pool in pristine condition year-round, allowing you to relax and unwind without the hassle of upkeep.

Why wait to transform your backyard into a personal paradise? Let Cannonball Pools make your backyard dreams come true today! With us you can start enjoying the luxury of your dream pool, knowing that it’s built to stand the test of time with premium materials and craftmanship. Trust us to turn your backyard dreams into reality.

Welcome to the Cannonball Family – Where your backyard dreams come true!

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Please email us at INFO@CANNONBALLPOOLSNJ.COM or Call us at (908) 454-2559 and we will return your message as soon as possible. Thank you

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