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Secur-A-Pool® Safety Cover

If you need the security of a safety cover but open early in the spring, don’t have a lot of leaves and other debris in your yard, or do not completely winterize your pool, then this covers for you. Secur-A-Pool® Safety Cover is renowned in the industry for its strength, durability, and ease of installation. In addition, it is a cover that does not require any maintenance during the winter, giving pool owners complete peace of mind during the off-season that their pool investment is not only safe from the elements but also from unanticipated visitors.

ProMesh Safety Cover

If you want the advantages of a sturdy safety cover without the weight of one when you open your pool you want this cover. This cover is great for opening Mid-Spring. This cutting-edge cover material gives strong inclusion benefits with no additional weight. All custom ProMesh covers come standard with stronger-than-commercial-grade springs, making your pool’s security tighter and stronger.

Max Shade Mesh Safety Cover

Designed to be stronger and more reliable. Max Shade Mesh will protect your pool against the most demanding conditions. Nearly 100% Sunlight blockage, equipped with heavy-duty suspension. This cover is for you if you are looking for maximum protection without the weight of a solid cover.

HyPerLite Solid Safety Cover

This cover is ideal for you if you open your pool in the late spring, have a lot of leaves and other debris in your yard, and need the strongest and lightest solid safety cover available. In addition to being secure, this solid cover is 30% lighter than standard solid covers, and each one includes our distinctive Commercial Grade Springs on Custom Covers as standard. Made from a unique weave of polypropylene mesh that blocks out algae-producing UV Rays. Keeping sunlight out ensures that you open to cleaner water in the spring

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