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Close your pool correctly to ensure you start your season right. With 20+ years of experience, Cannonball Pools provides top quality products and services. Pool Closings are a breeze when you book your closing with us. 


Mike and his staff really care to get to know their customers, and their customers’ pool needs. Service is outstanding. My pool has never looked better, water quality is great. A big thank you to Mike, Justin, Corey, Ray and everyone who takes care of everything we ask.

– Kim Devlin

Our pool Closing service provides the following

  • Removal of return fittings, handrails, ladders, stairs
  • Properly blow out water from the lines of the swimming pool
  • Properly install return plugs and Skimmer gizmos (Customer must have Gizmos or must purchase them)
  • Drain pool to the proper winterizing level
  • Remove plugs from pumps and filter then drain pump, filter, and one axillary pump
  • Clean out de grids or cartridge element
  • Add closing chemicals 
  • Brush pool
  • Properly install a winter cover
  • visual inspection of the filter system and recommendations of repairs
  • Basic closing does not include the pool being vacuumed

**Cannonball Pools will not close the pool with leaves and debris in the pool. Upon arrival, if the pool is not clean you will be subjected to the Closing vacuum fees.**

Questions? Comments?

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Pool Services

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